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Upgrade Your Massage Experience with These Exciting New Add-Ons

Gua Sha

At Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, we are always exploring new and innovative ways to enhance your massage experience with holistic therapies and exotic treatments from around the world. While our signature massages are beloved by our loyal clients, we are excited to announce our latest additions that take relaxation and rejuvenation to new levels. If you think you’ve tried it all in the world of massage, think again! With our new suite of add-ons combining ancient healing traditions with modern scientific understanding, the possibilities for personal transformation through touch have never been greater.

TMJ Pain Relief with Gua Sha and GemStone Facial: $20

TMJ disorder is a condition that affects the joints connecting your lower jaw to your skull. It can cause chronic pain and discomfort, significantly impacting your quality of life. Treatment options include painkillers, massages, and alternative therapies. Gua Sha facial massage is particularly effective in reducing facial pain, relieving tension in the jaw muscles, and alleviating symptoms caused by teeth grinding or clenching. Gua Sha facial massages can effectively reduce this type of pain by enhancing the presence of an enzyme in your body that helps alleviate inflammation and neuropathic pain. Additionally, it offers immunomodulatory effects, improving immune system function and enhancing circulation in the treated area.

Sinus Congestion Relief with Gua Sha and Gem Stone Facial: $20

GemStone Facial Massage is a therapeutic technique that offers multiple benefits. By massaging the face with gemstones, it helps alleviate sinus congestion and relieve allergy symptoms. Additionally, it stimulates the lymphatic system, which plays a crucial role in removing waste and fluid from the body. When the lymphatic system is congested, it can lead to inflammation, pain, and difficulty concentrating. Gua Sha and GemStone Massage work by stimulating lymphatic drainage, which not only relieves sinus congestion and allergy symptoms but also enhances blood flow to the face. This increased blood flow promotes faster healing by delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients to the sinuses.

Headache Relief with Aromatherapy and Scalp Massage: $20

Did you know that nature holds a treasure trove of healing properties? Among them are essential oils, derived from plants, that not only smell delightful but also offer numerous benefits for our well-being. Aromatherapy options for relieving headaches include:

  • Lavender Oil for Stress Headaches
  • Rosemary Oil for Pain Relief
  • Peppermint Oil for Tension Headaches
  • Chamomile Oil for Congestion Headaches
  • Eucalyptus Oil for Sinus Headaches

Embrace the power of aromatherapy and let these natural remedies soothe your headaches effectively.

Sciatic Pain Relief with Massage Gun: $20

Alleviate your sciatic pain with the aid of a massage gun. Sciatica can stem from various causes, yet the symptoms typically remain consistent. You may experience pain in your lower back that radiates down one leg (although both legs may be affected simultaneously). Pain can also manifest in your buttock, extending to your foot, and severe cases of sciatica may induce muscle weakness and numbness. While sciatica is far from ideal, many individuals find relief through massage therapy. A percussion massager gun can offer the following benefits: easing muscle tension, alleviating pressure on the sciatic nerve, improving circulation in the affected area to aid the body’s healing process, reducing levels of cortisol (a stress hormone that can amplify pain), and diminishing the production of endorphins to naturally enhance the body’s well-being.

Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief with Massage Gun: $20

Massage therapy is an excellent method to alleviate pain caused by plantar fasciitis and musculoskeletal issues in the foot. Plantar fasciitis, a condition characterized by inflammation of the connective tissue between the heel and toes, can be effectively relieved through the use of massage guns. These devices generate vibrations that improve blood circulation and reduce muscle tension. The massage technique for plantar fasciitis involves applying repetitive pressure to the soft tissue on the underside of the foot. Often, the fibrous bands in the foot have become stretched to the point of developing cracks. Therefore, it is crucial to strengthen the muscles in the feet and lower legs as part of the treatment for plantar fasciitis.

Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief with Massage Gun: $20

Frozen shoulder, medically known as adhesive capsulitis, occurs when the tissue surrounding the shoulder joint becomes inflamed, leading to contraction and stiffness. This not only causes pain but also severely limits the shoulder’s range of motion. Various factors can contribute to this condition, such as previous shoulder injuries or surgical procedures in the shoulder area. Massage guns, handheld devices that emit high-frequency pneumatic waves, offer a targeted approach to enhance blood circulation, alleviate pain, and combat fatigue through pneumatic stimulation. One notable benefit of massage guns in the early stages of frozen shoulder is their ability to trigger the release of endogenous opiates like endorphins, which effectively dampen pain perception.

Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief with Magnesium Cream: $20

The carpal tunnel is situated at the base of your wrist, adjacent to the carpal bones. Comprising flexor tendons and a median nerve, the carpal tunnel facilitates finger movement. The flexor tendons extend from your forearm to your elbow joint, attaching to the Distal interphalangeal, metaphalangeal, and Proximal interphalangeal bones in your fingers and thumb. Carpal tunnel syndrome results in pain due to pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. Numerous treatment options are available for this condition. Magnesium, renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, effectively reduces swelling in the carpal tunnel and promotes muscle relaxation. Additionally, magnesium stabilizes the body’s natural cortisol levels, further enhancing its anti-inflammatory effects.

Scalp Massage with Aromatherapy: $20

Aromatherapy scalp massages offer numerous benefits, including promoting hair growth, enhancing sleep quality, combating insomnia, improving blood circulation in the scalp, relieving scalp muscle pain, and enhancing overall well-being. These massages also reduce anxiety and alleviate symptoms of both physical and emotional stress, making them particularly helpful when feeling overwhelmed. In addition, scalp massages provide substantial relief for individuals experiencing chronic migraines and tension headaches. For those with short or damaged hair, a scalp massage can be beneficial as it boosts blood circulation, nourishes the scalp, and creates a healthy environment for hair follicles to thrive. This, in turn, increases the availability of essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for producing healthy hair.

Massage Add-Ons by Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa

Looking to enhance your massage experience? Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa now offers various add-ons to elevate your massage experience and provide enhanced relaxation and pain relief benefits.

Come see for yourself how upgrades can enrich your session and leave you feeling revived in both body and spirit. A new era of wellness awakening has begun at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, and we can’t wait to take you there! Take your massage experience to the next level with Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa. So why wait? Book your appointment today!

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