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10 Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home

While you are stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a better time than ever to focus on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We recommend that you do as much as you can to pamper yourself, and we hope that you will use these tips to make the most of your time at home. While pampering yourself is not the same as coming to the spa, you can still do things to make your life more relaxed and centered.

1. Call A Friend

You should call a friend regardless of whether they live in the Winston-Salem area or not. Speaking with a friend helps you feel better and also strengthens your relationship with that person. This is a good time to vent frustrations and share laughs, and you can even get some encouragement while you are on the phone. You might even want to set up a schedule where you and your friend talk every few days. 

Having group phone calls, FaceTime sessions, or Zoom video calls with your favorite people is also a great way to socialize with multiple people at once. 

2. Have A Warm Cup Of Tea

Starting or ending your day with a warm cup of tea is an excellent way to start or end your day on the right foot. A warm drink is much more comforting than something served cold or with ice. You will be able to relax when it is almost time for bed, or you will feel more energetic because you had a warm drink in the morning.

3. Take A Bath

If you have time to take a bath, you can relax in the bath for as long as you want. A bath is a good time to enjoy some peace and quiet. This is a good idea for moms who have just put their kids to bed, or you could take a bath after you have been working all day. You can relax your muscles in the bath, and you can even use medicated bath bombs to keep your muscles and joints relaxed. A bath is also a good time for a glass of wine, to read, or to meditate.

4. Spend Time with Friends

If you can manage to see friends in person while maintaining social distancing guidelines, it’s great for your heatlh to get out in the sunshine and join a friend for a walk at your local park. If you cannot get together in person, you might try to host a video call with your friend and participate in a shared activity together virtually. For example, your friend can make tea and cookies while you are making tea and cookies. The two of you can chat as much as you want, and you will truly enjoy hosting events with different people during the week. You can even watch your favorite shows or movies together.

5. Buy Yourself Something Special

Treating yourself to something special just for you is a great way to take time for yourself and put your interests first. You may like a particular brand of dark chocolate, or you may want to buy chips that are just for you. Some people will buy a special bottle of wine that they want to drink at the end of the day, or you can get a special Irish liqueur that you will add to your coffee in the morning. This treat is just for you, and it will brighten your day.

6. Read

You should set aside some time to read every day. You do not need to read a whole book every few days, but you should spend some time reading about something other than work, the news, and social media. You can read your favorite book again, or you can read a book by an author that you really like.

You may want to take book recommendations from your friends, and you could even read books together on a video call. If you and your partner like to read, you can read together in bed. Taking some time to read is good for your brain and soul.

7. Watch Your Favorite Show

You can sit down to watch your favorite show. You do not need to do anything else, and you can zone out while you are watching TV. TV shows might be inspiring, and you may spend some time writing or drawing when the show is over. You should feel free to be as creative as possible, and you can use your TV shows as a springboard for all your pent up creativity.

8. Dress Up For No Reason

While many of us are working from home, we’re probably not going through our usual morning routines of getting dressed up and doing our hair and makeup. Instead, we’re rolling out of bed still in pajamas and tackling our work tasks as-is. Taking the time to dress up, whether for work or for no reason at all, is a great way to take time for yourself and to feel confident. Not only will dressing up make you feel better, but you can also make it an even better experience by playing your favorite music during your routine and trying out new looks that you wouldn’t feel comfortable trying on a normal day.

9. Get A Massage

Self-massage is a great way to relax your muscles and mind. Or, you and your partner can give each other massages for a romantic night in. This is a good way to relax, and it might be something you do instead of a bath. Some people do not want to sit in a bathtub for a long period of time, but a massage will make you feel just as relaxed.

10. Have Date Night At Home

You can host date night at home by making a nice dinner, having a glass of wine, and watching a movie with popcorn. This is a simple way to to stay connected with your partner without going out, and it is better than simply going to bed every night after watching TV.


When you want to pamper yourself at home, we recommend that you use some of these tips to make your home life a little bit easier. You can keep yourself comfortable, enjoy some relaxation time, and you can plan something every day that will good for your soul, help you stay connected with the people you love, and feel good about yourself.

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