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The Effects of Stress on Your Body (And How a Massage Can Help)

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Chronic Stress Can Cause an Assortment of Health Problems 

When you are experiencing stress at home or at work, it can lead to serious health problems for your mind and your body. While everyone has an occasional stressful day, it is dangerous to have chronic anxiety

Rather than taking medications or using alcohol to relieve your anxiety, choose a natural and healthy way to feel better by visiting a spa that has knowledgeable massage therapists. Getting a massage for its stress relief benefits can help you avoid any of the long-term ramifications of chronic anxiety. 

Chronic stress is dangerous in a variety of ways, including:

  • Tense and inflexible muscles in the torso, neck and limbs
  • An increase in blood pressure that damages the arteries, heart and blood vessels 
  • Changing blood sugar levels, leading to diabetes mellitus
  • Increasing cortisol levels, causing an increase in weight
  • Frequent headaches that make daily living difficult
  • A higher chance of having a stroke or a heart attack
  • Changes in your brain’s cognitive abilities
  • Mood disorders that include depression or compulsive behaviors 
  • Reduction in immunity levels, leading to frequent illnesses
  • Dizziness from an increase in breathing 

It is essential to reduce your stress in whatever way works best for you, including visiting our spa for relaxing massage therapy services

A licensed massage therapist can offer you a gentle and soothing session of bodywork that will help you to feel better right away, and the benefits from a partial or full-body massage will continue when you return home.

Stress-Relieving Benefits of Massage

Researchers have determined that massage therapy provides an assortment of benefits for the mind and the body, increasing your overall wellness. Here is a list of the ways that bodywork can provide stress relief: 

1. Helping You to Sleep Better at Night 

When you are experiencing stress, it is often difficult to sleep restfully. You may suffer from insomnia, or alternatively, you might have frequent sleep disruptions. If you are not sleeping properly, then it will make your feelings of anxiety worse. 

While you are sleeping, your body’s glands produce healing hormones that repair the body and the mind. Schedule a massage for late in the afternoon to reduce your anxiety levels so that you can sleep throughout the night. 

2. Eliminating Painful Headaches that are Caused by Stress

If you develop headaches from your chronic anxiety, then a soothing massage stress relief on your head, neck and shoulders can be the answer for you. It can reduce the muscle tension and nerve pain so that your headache is eliminated. 

With natural bodywork from one of our licensed massage therapists, you can avoid the dangerous side effects from headache medications. 

3. Increasing Your Body’s Blood Circulation 

When you are anxious, your body’s adrenaline levels will increase, leading to stiff and inflexible muscles. 

Our spa offers a variety of massages that can increase your body’s blood circulation so that the muscles in your back, legs and arms will loosen and relax. This can eliminate the discomfort from the intense muscle cramping that occurs when your body’s blood circulation slows down. The beneficial blood circulation effects from a massage will continue for several hours. 

4. Stimulating the Body’s Adrenal Glands

A great massage can stimulate the body’s adrenal glands that release hormones that boost your body’s immunity levels. This can prevent the problems that are associated with illnesses, such as colds or the flu.

You may have noticed that when you are feeling anxious a lot, you develop more illnesses that make it impossible to have an active life. Scheduling professional bodywork during the autumn and winter can help prevent those illnesses. 

5. Improving the Brain’s Cognitive Functions

Chronic anxiety can affect the brain with symptoms that include a reduction in reflexes and a decline in cognitive abilities. A stimulating bodywork treatment can eliminate brain fog along with improving your mood so that you don’t feel depressed. Improving your brain’s functions consistently over time can also help to reduce your chances of developing dementia.

6. Reduction in Your Jaw or Facial Pain

If you clench your jaw when you are feeling anxious, then you can develop facial pain that leads to temporomandibular disorder. This is a chronic condition that affects the joints of the jaw, leading to chewing difficulties, earaches and other problems. 

A neck, shoulder and facial massage can reduce your stress so that you no longer clench your jaw. When you schedule an appointment with us, make sure to inform us about the type of health issue that you are experiencing from your anxiety. 

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At Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, you can request different types of bodywork services, including full-body massages or chair massages. You can combine bodywork with other services to have a relaxing experience that will reduce your anxiety levels

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