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When people think about going to a salon or spa, one of the things that bring excitement is a scalp massage.

Scalp massages are important for various reasons, which is why we recommend that people not only get it when they get their hair done but incorporate it into their daily self-care routine. Massaging the scalp can be done using only the fingers with or without any oil.

It can also be done in the shower by rubbing the shampoo all over the scalp or using scalp massagers and brushes. We recommend using medium pressure that will not hurt the scalp.

While a scalp massage can be done every day at home, we recommend visiting a massage therapist. Some of the benefits include:

1. Promotes hair growth

One of the biggest benefits of scalp massage is hair growth. Scalp massage increases blood flow to the scalp. That brings along oxygen and nutrients that the hair needs to remain healthy and strong. That leads to the growth of longer and denser hair.

At Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, we recommend massaging the scalp for 4 minutes daily to experience maximum hair growth results. We also recommend the use of hair serum, volumizers, or essential oils when massaging the scalp.

Massaging works those products deep into the scalp, providing the necessary nutrients for longer and fuller hair. People can also use a scalp scrubber in the shower with shampoo to help remove any build-up products. That helps unclog the hair follicles, increasing hair growth.

Increasing blood flow and nutrients that the hair needs to grow also helps combat hair loss. We also recommend that the massage be done in circular motions, in every part of the head.

2. Reduces stress

Everyone knows that one of the benefits of any massage is relaxation and reducing stress, and a scalp massage is no exception. Experts say that a scalp massage helps release oxytocin, a hormone that is related to a happy and relaxed feeling.

It also helps combat the production of the stress hormone. A scalp massage also helps regulate the heart rate and blood pressure.

We recommend that for stress relief, people do a scalp massage every day they are facing a hectic day or before going to sleep.

3. Reduces tension headaches

Tension to the scalp, neck, and shoulders is one of the main reasons why people suffer from headaches. Headaches caused by that kind of pressure are called tension headaches, and they tend to come in the form of sharp pains all-round the head.

The tension causes pain, which then travels to the head and is interpreted by the nerves as a headache. That tension could be caused by poor posture or stress to those parts.

Massaging the scalp, neck and shoulders help release that tension and soothe the pains that may be causing the headaches. Scalp massages also help reduce headaches by reducing stress.

At Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, we recommend not using a lot of pressure whenever people are doing a scalp massage to relieve headaches. Too much pressure could cause the headaches to worsen.

4. Promoted bonding

Sometimes people feel disconnected from the people around them, be it partners, family members, or friends. Getting a scalp massage helps in producing oxytocin, a chemical known to boost the mood and promote healthy group bonding.

It also helps release stress and brings a feeling of relaxation, making the bonding even easier and better.

5. Promotes better sleep

For people who have trouble sleeping, we recommend a scalp massage. Scalp massages, through their ability to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and relieve headaches, help people fall asleep faster and for longer.

6. Increases the body’s natural healing ability

How fast a wound heals depends on how fast blood with the platelets and white blood cells reaches the wounded part. Scalp massage helps increase blood flow, which helps the white blood cells and platelets reach the wound faster, ensuring faster healing.

To get the best scalp massage and enjoy the best benefits, it is best to visit the best spa. For people living in Winston-Salem, Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa is the leading spa providing the best scalp massages in and around the area.

We understand how critical it is for our clients to remain relaxed because not only does it keep them in a happy mood, it also increases their productivity in their daily activities. Our employees’ skills and knowledge in the area of scalp massage are unmatched.

We pride ourselves on having the best services tailored to meet your specific needs. We also have the best equipment within and around Winston-Salem to ensure that we leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. When you’re ready to schedule some time for relaxation, schedule an appointment with us online.

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