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How a Therapeutic Massage Can Aid Your Mental Health

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We recommend professional bodywork for maintaining mental well-being.

If you are actively trying to improve your mental health, we suggest enjoying the benefits of therapeutic massage. There are several types of mental health issues that can affect the mind’s well-being, including depression that can occur from changes in the body or the things that have happened to the individual. Even dealing with anger or frustration or overwhelming stress can lead to digestive problems or high blood pressure and certainly has a negative impact on an individual’s daily life and wellness.

How is Therapeutic Bodywork Beneficial for the Mind? 

Fortunately, clients can visit a spa to enjoy specialized massage treatments that are designed for treating ailments that can affect the mind or the body. It is important to remember that if the mind is affected by stress or other emotional issues, then these problems will also affect the body, many times leading to conditions such as heart disease, joint pain or chronic nausea. Treating the body with natural bodywork is a way to overcome mental health issues while also preventing physical health issues. 

What Are the Different Types of Massages Offered by Our Trained Therapists? 

There are numerous types of massages, but some are not considered therapeutic while other forms of bodywork are considered therapeutic.

Here are some of the different types of massages:

  • Sports – used before and after sports to optimize the body’s performance
  • Pregnancy – used on the back and the hips during pregnancy
  • Reflexology – focuses on the soles of the feet
  • Hot stone – placing warmed stones on the body 
  • Shiatsu – pressing, kneading or leaning on the body
  • Trigger point – focuses on certain nerves of the body
  • Aromatherapy – applications of scented essential oils

Our Bodywork Consultations Are Confidential 

The type of massage used for therapeutic purposes is different from a deep tissue massage. If a client has a problem with mental well-being, then applying deep pressure to the muscles and the joints may feel especially uncomfortable. Clients can discuss mental health issues with a massage therapist to plan a series of body treatments that will alleviate mental or emotional problems. The therapists at our spa will keep a client’s information confidential, and together, we can plan a course of bodywork that can improve the health of the mind. 

The Benefits of Our Professional Bodywork for the Mind

Therapeutic massage typically involves the use of the hands on the bodies of our clients to improve the wellness of the mind. Clients might rest on a padded table for this type of bodywork, or alternatively, clients can sit in a special chair so that the clients can lean forward on the knees with a forehead against a support. This type of bodywork is designed to repair the mind in a variety of ways, including improving the state of the emotions. Some of the benefits from this type of professional massage can include:

  • Inducing restful sleep that improves mental wellness
  • Stimulating the body’s glands to encourage secretion of healing hormones
  • Relaxing the muscles and tendons to encourage mental well-being
  • Eliminating stress to stop the detrimental effects from this condition
  • Increasing the body’s blood flow to help the mind

This type of bodywork isn’t painful and puts less pressure on the joints, tendons and muscles than a deep tissue massage. While a deep tissue massage is focused on reaching the fascia of the body, bodywork for therapeutic reasons doesn’t focus on the fascia. 

List of Benefits from Massage for the Mind

Benefit 1: Relaxing the Body to Reduce Stress

Everyone experiences stress, but many visit spas to overcome its detrimental effects. With high levels of anxiety, clients will have an overabundance of cortisol that creates more feeling of stress. When one of our clients has a massage, the cortisol levels in the body will decline, helping the mind to feel calmer. Rather than having racing thoughts that create more anxiousness, a client can relax to live in the moment. 

Benefit 2: Lifting a Client’s Mood 

If a client is experiencing depressive thoughts, then professional bodywork can lift the mood. The proper types of massage can increase the flow of blood into the extremities and through the brain, stimulating the production of healing hormones. The depression lifting results from bodywork can last for several days, helping our clients to live a normal lifestyle again. 

Benefit 3: Reducing the Mental Tension from Anger

When a client has mental tension from anger, it affects the chemistry of the brain. This can lead to having additional feelings of anger with dangerous physical outbursts. With massaging techniques, the muscles and tendons of an angry client will relax, improving the condition of the mind. 

Benefit 4: Creating a Positive Balance between the Mind and the Body

The mind and the body works together for overall wellness, and when a client has mental issues, it will affect the body. Professional bodywork can reduce the problems that are occurring in the gastrointestinal system so that a client can overcome problems from digestive issues. This means that a client can begin to consume a normal and nutritious diet that will help the mind to work optimally. 

Benefit 5: Promoting Restful Sleep

Emotional and mental health issues can make it impossible to have restful sleep, but with a massage, our clients often enjoy a full night of sleep without any problems from insomnia or sleep disturbances. The brain secretes healing natural chemicals during sleep, helping the mind to become healthier.  

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