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Everyone should experience the calming benefits of a Vichy Table Shower. After all, who doesn’t need some well-deserved relaxation? The world is full of toils and troubles. The list of things that we worry about or need to do keeps growing longer and longer. We must be mindful of our bodies and intentionally give ourselves time to rest and heal. Once we’ve done that, we can attack our tasks with renewed vigor and appreciate everything life has to offer. A Vichy Table Shower at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa is the best way to do this for anyone in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area.

What is a Vichy Table Shower?

Vichy Table Showers were created and popularized in France, but this effective treatment eventually spread across the globe. A Vichy Table Shower is a simple but incredibly immersive experience. A person will lay down on a table with different showerheads pouring water over their skin. It is common for anywhere from five to seven showerheads to be in use. The patient can relax as water washes over them in gentle streams.

Everyone has a soft towel to cover their lower half, and women have another towel for their chest. People may also choose to wear disposable underwear or a bathing suit. Once the patient lies down, the therapist places a small towel over the face to prevent discomfort from the water. This shower is an incredibly peaceful and rejuvenating treatment that pairs well with other spa activities.

5 Benefits of a Vichy Table Shower

1. Brings New Life to Dull Skin

The Vichy Table Shower does wonders to the skin. Especially during the cold winter months, it is easy for skin to dry and crack in the harsh weather. The shower will bring new life and vibrance to the skin. Because it a shower, this helps treat the entire body instead of only the face or legs. Participants leave feeling completely hydrated with effervescent and exfoliated skin.

2. Mental Clarity

With the gentle beat of water on one’s skin and the soft sounds of the streaming water, a Vichy Table Shower is just as helpful mentally as it is physically. The experience brings mental clarity and helps people plagued with worries feel a bit lighter. The physical cleansing often provides a deep sense of symbolism that encourages people to begin a mental cleansing. Those who embrace this treatment leave feeling a renewed sense of optimism and peace.

3. Increases Blood Circulation

The Vichy Table Showers indeed provides numerous physical benefits, and one of the most important of these is better blood circulation. For people struggling with poor blood circulation, this may be the perfect treatment for them to try. Bad blood circulation can cause several negative symptoms, even if it is not extreme. These symptoms include numbness in different body parts, dry skin, brittle nails, and hair loss. Vichy Table Showers are an all-natural way that may help combat these issues.

4. Renewed Energy Levels

The human body cannot keep pushing and pushing without proper rest. For anyone feeling drained and weary, it is crucial to observe the physical needs of the body. The most productive, ambitious, and happy people in the world can operate at a high-level because they listen to their bodies. Pay close attention to signs of exhaustion. Vichy Table Showers can improve energy levels drastically because they help exfoliate the skin and enhance blood circulation. These physical benefits may seem small, but they greatly affect the rest of the body. Participants may enter lethargic and listless but leave with a bounce in their step and a sense of excitement.

5. Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is another by-product of the Vichy Table Showers increasing blood circulation. Better lymphatic drainage helps the human body rid itself of things that harm the body, like toxins and waste. The lymph system is a vital part of the body’s immune system and is responsible for fighting diseases. Keeping the lymph system healthy is crucial. Poor lymphatic drainage may lead to skin discoloration, blisters, infection, and much more. Vichy Table Showers are an effective and all-natural way to increase lymphatic drainage and keep the body healthy.

The Best Treatments to Pair with Vichy Table Showers

Although Vichy Table Showers are fantastic options for people who want a single treatment, they also pair very well with other traditional spa options. Depending on the spa package chosen, there may be a massage therapist who uses a handheld showerhead. They will focus the water spray on certain parts of the body to enhance the massage and complement the overhead water streams. They may also massage the body with different kinds of oils or soaps. If requested, this may already come as part of the Vichy Table Showers.

Other treatments to pair with Vichy Table Showers include a massage or aromatherapy. Vichy Table Showers are often best put at the beginning or end of a spa day, but some people may enjoy them in the middle of a series of sessions.

Get Quality Vichy Table Showers at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa

For anyone near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa provides high-quality Vichy Table Showers that will rejuvenate someone mentally and physically. Treat yourself to a peaceful, serene spa day. It is also the perfect gift for a loved one. Call at (336) 742-1903 for an appointment now or get a gift card for someone special who needs a break!

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