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Get Relief from Stress with Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy

Has been used for centuries to promote relaxation and physical well-being. Many cultures have used it, and massage therapy Winston-Salem includes treatments that blend both Chinese and Western traditions.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the best known and most popular type of massage. It is a gentle modality in which the therapist uses long strokes in the direction of the heart. The Swedish massage is a good choice for beginners, as it is less intense than other modalities such as deep tissue massage.

In addition, the Swedish massage can also relieve any pain. During the massage, the therapist can work out knotted muscles and other sore places. A Swedish massage can also increase circulation and the release of neurotransmitters that boost one’s mood.

Deep Tissue Massage

During a deep tissue massage, the therapist will use many of the same techniques as in the Swedish massage. They will, however, concentrate on the deeper layers of the skin and muscles, the tendons, and fascia. The last is the protective tissues that surround the muscles, joints, and other bones. Consequently, the therapist will use slow strokes that press down on the client’s body – and some people find the treatment uncomfortable or even painful.

Deep tissue massage helps people with chronic or severe pain caused by conditions like fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, sciatica, or low back pain. The therapist will loosen stiff or sore areas by breaking up scar tissue or adhesions.

Sports Massage

A sports massage can be used to help an athlete recover from an injury. It can also help loosen up an athlete’s muscles, so they are less likely to get injured.

During treatment, the therapist will concentrate on the injured part of the body. The massage will speed up circulation, so the injured area receives more oxygen and nutrients quickly. It will thus boost healing. The massage will also relieve pain and help improve the patient’s range of motion.

Himalayan Hot Stone Massage

In the Himalayan hot stone massage, the therapist will use heated stones to loosen tight muscles and relieve stress. Instead of the black and rounded basalt stones typically used in hot stone massage, the therapist will use blocks of pink Himalayan salt with rounded and smooth corners. Himalayan salt contains 84 healthful minerals, and it generates negative ions that can increase mental clarity and reduce stress.

Stone Facial Massage

In the stone facial massage, the therapist works on the face to loosen tight muscles in the face, neck, and shoulders. Many people carry their stress in these areas, and they consequently develop headaches, stiff muscles, and other complaints.

The therapist will place cool and smooth stones on different parts of the face, in contrast to the Himalayan hot stone massage which uses hot stones. The therapist will also give massage therapy to the client’s face with gentle circular motions to further relax.

Scalp Massage

Like the stone facial massage, the scalp massage helps relieve the stress that many people carry in their upper body. The therapist will massage the client’s scalp in order to promote relaxation and relieve tension and headaches.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage can also promote relaxation and help people recover from injury. It can also be used to treat pain in the back or neck. Some clients also ask for a therapeutic massage to boost their lymphatic and circulatory systems. The therapist will customize the massage to suit the patient’s needs.

Therapeutic massage resembles deep tissue massage, but the therapist is not trying to work on the deeper tissues, so they apply less pressure.


Reflexology is a technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine that holds that six meridians or energy pathways beginning in the soles of the feet and extending through all the major organs. Massaging the feet thus stimulates the meridians and improves the health of the organs. For example, the balls of the feet are connected to the respiratory system, so massaging the balls of the feet can help relieve breathing problems or pain in the chest.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage not only reduces stress, but it can also relieve swelling and some of the other problems associated with pregnancy. It can also help regulate hormones and stimulate the production of such “feel-good” neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin while reducing the production of stress hormones like cortisol.

The spa offers two types of pregnancy massages: prenatal and postnatal. The therapist will tailor the prenatal massage depending on how far along the mother-to-be is. For example, the therapist may have the patient lie on her side or sit and lean forward. In the latter case, the therapist will use special cushions to keep the client comfortable.

During a postnatal massage, the therapist helps the patient recover from the rigors of childbirth. The massage can stimulate the healing process and reduce the soreness and tension in the back and shoulders that result from feeding a baby.

Chair Massage

During a chair massage, the client will sit in an ergonomic and specially designed chair. They will lean forward and place their face in a donut pillow. Some chairs also have cushions for the client’s knees and arms. The arrangement allows the therapist to massage the client with more force than they could with a conventional massage table.

A chair massage provides the usual benefits of a massage, like fewer headaches, looser muscles, a relaxed feeling, and decreased blood pressure. It can be a good choice for somebody who is extremely busy, as it generally takes less time than do other massages. The patient also does not have to disrobe.

Couple’s Massage

A couple’s massage can make for a pleasant date. Even the most devoted couples can find it hard to find time for each other, and a massage generally takes less time than a movie or dinner date. In addition, the massage releases bonding hormones like serotonin and oxytocin that increase the couple’s feelings of closeness.

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