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Life has taken its toll on all of us, and our minds and bodies crave for some “me time.” Daily routines from doing the laundry, mopping, sweeping to challenging situations at work, has us wondering how we can find the time for it all, let alone time to pamper ourselves. However, we both know that if we don’t find the time to take care of ourselves, it can lead to a plethora of unwanted issues.

So here’s a thought. Why not get a massage? Yes, a massage provides a channel for us to tune out the outside world, and tune in to ourselves to heal and rejuvenate. It can provide relief from achy muscles and pains and it can also help alleviate stress. Whether it is your first time getting a massage or you have been lucky enough to experience one before, here are 5 ways to prepare for a spa visit:

To Eat or Not to Eat

One of the first things that typically come to mind when visiting a spa for a massage is eating: if one should take on a meal beforehand. The simple answer is yes, you should eat, but not a full heavy meal.

Light snacks are ideal so as to avoid feelings of extreme hunger during and after a message therapy session. A massage will stimulate digestion. Because of this, a light snack should be eaten at least an hour or two before a massage.


As with eating, we might also think about whether or not we should drink before a spa visit. Yes, hydrating before and after a massage is a good idea, but again, in moderation. Whether you prefer to wind down before a session drinking a cup of hot tea or room-temperature water, drink enough so as to prevent feelings of thirst, but not too much where it feels like you’ve taken in a full meal.

Built-up toxins in the body contribute to muscle stress which leads to pain. Getting a massage will alleviate the pain by promoting blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body which releases the built-up toxins that cause muscle pain. Water, in particular, helps this process during and after a massage session. So yes, hydrating before and after is another way to prepare for a massage.

What to Wear

We might be looking in our closets and wondering what to wear in preparation for our massage appointment. Ideally, loose-fitting clothing should be considered.

Wearing comfortable clothing will help as much in preparing for a massage as it will after one. As briefly mentioned, a massage will aid in body circulation, so wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothing will also promote that. After a massage, our bodies will utterly feel relaxed and we would want to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible. Wearing tight-fitting clothes will do the opposite of that.

Also, before a massage session takes place the therapist will ask us to undress according to our comfort level, so we are really just wearing these clothes temporarily when we arrive for a massage. Wearing loose-fitted clothing is another way to help prepare for a message therapy session.


Another way to prepare for a massage would be to meditate. Meditating can help not only our minds but our bodies as well. Meditating can mean listening to soothing music or being still without any noise at all. It will help in promoting relaxation while also preparing the body for a full physical sensory experience.

We want to experience the massage in a way that is beneficial to our bodies to help us heal, revitalize, and rejuvenate. Meditating before a session is a good way to help relax the mind and body before a massage.


Feelings of nervousness are normal, especially if it is our first time trying out something new. Take deep breathes, then, breathe normally during a massage therapy session. This is to further aid in relaxation while alleviating feelings of being nervous, allowing us to prepare ourselves for a full massage experience.

Being nervous tends to make our bodies tense up, causing our already achy muscles to ache even more. Take deep breathes, then, breathe normally while getting a massage so that the therapist can do what they do best, massage those achy muscle pains away.

Where to Go for Your Spa Visit

Now that we’ve discussed 5 ways to prepare for a massage, it’s time that we book our appointment for one. AtQi Massage & Natural Healing Spa in Winston-Salem, North Carolina we offer professional expertise in all things relaxation, revitalization, and rejuvenation and offer a full menu of therapeutic services from deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, scalp massage, Himalayan hot stone massage, and many more. We also offer prenatal and postnatal massages. So experience the healing powers of massage, and book an appointment with us today

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