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What Can a Scalp Massage Do for You?

scalp massage

While you may put a ton of work into keeping your hair soft, smooth and healthy, how much thought do you put into the beauty of your scalp? A great head of hair starts with a happy, healthy scalp, and massage is one of the ways you can nourish your mane.

What is a Scalp Massage?

During massage therapy for your scalp, warm oil that’s been infused with herbs is gently worked into the scalp. It’s best to have a massage once a week in order to reap as many benefits as possible.

In addition to being healthy for your skin and hair, massage therapy is also good for your brain and nervous system, giving boosts to your memory and helping you sleep better. Let’s dive deeper into the many benefits of massage therapy for your scalp.

Benefits of Getting a Massage for Your Scalp

There are so many beauty perks of getting a massage for your scalp. Plus, it just feels great! Here’s why you should add regular massages to your normal beauty, hair and health routines.

  1. Your Scalp Will Get Much-Needed Conditioning

During a massage, the oil that’s worked into your scalp conditions your skin. If you have a dry, itchy scalp, this should take care of the problem. Also, you’ll prevent flaking skin and dandruff.

  1. Blood Circulation Will Improve

Scalp massages improve blood circulation in the head and neck. If you’ve been stressed, your scalp can be tight as a result, which can impede circulation and even hair growth. During a massage, tension is released and circulation improves, which can also help you to grow your hair faster.

  1. Hair is Strengthened at the Root

In order to have healthy, strong hair, it has to be strong at the root. Scalp massages nourish the hair shaft, which promotes new, healthy hair growth. They can also strengthen your existing hair. Overall, you’ll have a stronger, healthier head of hair.

  1. Your Natural Oils Will Go To Work

Massage helps move around your scalp’s natural oils, which are ideal for moisturizing the scalp and hair. Your scalp naturally produces oil from the sebaceous glands. Those oils can help keep your hair shiny and lustrous. 

  1. Your Hair Will Be Stronger and More Resilient

Even the healthiest hair will break or get damaged over time, which is why regular hair maintenance is so important. On top of getting trims every few weeks and using hair products formulated for your hair type, a massage can keep breakage and damage at bay. The more you expose your hair to the sun, heat or other harsh conditions, the more TLC it needs to stay beautiful and healthy.

  1. Scalp Massages are Good for Oily Hair

You may think that adding oil to already-oily hair isn’t a good idea. However, scalp massages can actually help solve a greasy or oily hair problem. When you massage oil into the scalp, your sebaceous glands stop producing extra oil. Overall, your scalp can become less oily, not more oily, as you add oil to it!

  1. Scalp Massages are Very Relaxing

While you can do a scalp massage on yourself, it’s so much more relaxing to have one done by a pro at a spa. Scalp massages aren’t an expensive service to book, and the results are well worth it. You don’t have to worry about buying the right products or learning the perfect technique. Instead, you can just kick back, close your eyes and get treated to a luxurious massage. In addition to releasing tension in your head and neck, you’ll feel more relaxed overall, from your head to your toes.

Don’t Wait to Book Your Massage

Even if your hair and scalp are healthy, regular scalp massages prevent any problems from arising in the future or when the season changes. By having a professional at a spa do your scalp massages, you’ll get the right technique and be paired with the products and oils that are best for your hair type.

Ready to book a scalp massage and start strengthening your hair? Schedule your appointment with us today.

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