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Prepping for Your Valentines Day Couples Massage

valentines day couples massage

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out just how to show your love on Valentines Day. We’ve got your answer because there’s nothing more romantic than a couples massage with your lover! We’ll tell you how to prep for it and what to expect from this joint massage.


If you don’t disconnect from the outside world, your relationship will suffer. If you’re both in the same room, put down your phones. It’s normal to take time together for granted after you’ve been together so long. You have to make yourselves unplug, and hang out together. Life isn’t based on that phone.

A massage together forces both of you to get rid of all outside influences. You’re together without any distractions. Remember why you fell in love. This short time together away from social media and the outside world helps you rekindle the fire. 

Note the Health Benefits

A massage is beneficial for both of you because you aren’t at your best when you’re in physical or mental pain. Sometimes our partner is the one that takes the brunt of our bad days. This can even lead to damaging your relationship. One day you might look at the other in your anger and decide it’s over.

A couples massage brings you together to rid of your physical and emotional pain through relaxation. In fact, massages can help ease anxiety, boost the immune system, reduce headaches, and heal digestive issues. These are just a few of the physical and emotional benefits of massage therapy.

Enjoy a Happy Boost

Massage will give you a boost of serotonin and oxytocin making you feel high on life. Sharing this “high” with your partner will take you to another level of your relationship. Both of your inner selves are happy at the same time. All is right in the world for that hour.

Oxytocin is a hormone that fires the sparks between two people. You’re reminded why you fell in love in the first place. You feel connected on another level through massage. Detoxification is also a happy booster.

Getting rid of toxins leads you to feel and even look healthier. The stress hormone of cortisol is released helping you to lose the feel of threat and fear. The release of cortisol can actually save your life as you feel better. All of the excess toxins are like shedding your old skin as a couple and starting new. 

Remember, You Don’t Have to Get the Same Treatment

Each person has their own preferences when it comes to massage. You’ll be in the same room next to one another, but you can tell the masseuse things you need. If you like a deep rub, tell them you want a deep tissue massage. If you have areas in pain, tell them so they can apply the right amount of pressure. Don’t be afraid to speak up. You’re there to connect with one another while relaxing. You need to enjoy the massage while doing this. You’ll still connect while being next to one another getting a massage. 

Don’t Talk Too Much

Massage is all about finding peace and relaxation. If you talk through it, you can’t get the full treatment. Of course, you can talk a little bit asking each other if they’re comfortable or how they feel. The masseuse is going to do their job either way, and you’ll feel different either way, but part of the experience is that peace of mind. You can’t get that peace of mind if you’re gabbing the entire time.

Enjoy the one time you’re not talking to one another. You’ll feel rejuvenated for it.

Learn How to Alleviate Stress at Home Through Massage

Sometimes your busy schedules make it hard to fit in a massage together. That’s okay because you can take home the knowledge you learn together at your massage. You can fit in a few mini sessions at home just by rubbing each other’s shoulders, giving each other a foot rub or a scalp massage. These little sessions alleviating stress together will get you through until you can get in for another couples massage.

These times together help you to sit and relax without the stress of the world. You feel closer to one another physically and mentally, even on days other than Valentines Day!

Drink Lots Of Water

Massage therapy is good for the entire body. The muscles in your body are usually stressed leading to toxins and inflammation building up. The massage will help alleviate these issues; however, your body will need a lot of water. Water helps to flush out these toxins. The masseuse works to break up and release those toxins during your massage. You’ll feel great, and water will help you feel even better. 

Give your lover the gift of relaxation and love with a couple massage at Lotus 5 Senses Spa this Valentines Day. Contact us today to schedule your couples massage.

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