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Himalayan Salt Stones And Massage: The Ultimate Experience 

himalayan salt stones

What Are Himalayan Salt Stones?

Himalayan salt crystals have been mined in the Salt Range Mountain Range in the Himalayas since before the 12th century, and the crystals are reputed to be the purest salt on the planet. With colors that range from off-white to deep red, these salt crystals have traditionally been used for healing, cooking, and presenting food. Recently, Himalayan salt stones have become popular as a health aid due to their unique mineral composition that includes both iodine and magnesium, and many report feeling more rejuvenated, relaxed, and energetic after using them.

What Are The Benefits?

Numerous scientific studies have shown the therapeutic benefits of massage in reducing high blood pressure, lowering cortisol levels, alleviating pain and tension in the muscles, and eliminating scars or scar tissue, all of which are associated with positive ions. Himalayan salt stones contain more than 80 minerals that help to stabilize the balance of positive and negative ions in your body. When used in conjunction with massage therapy, the body is better able to absorb these trace minerals, so your body will be more in balance.

Himalayan salt crystals have a high level of negative ions, which can help lower the level of positive ions in the body. Positive ions are responsible for pain, inflammation, and other adverse conditions, so reducing the level of positive ions in the body can help alleviate pain and inflammation and can deter the onset of some illnesses. It can also reduce the deleterious effects of electromagnetic pollution, which is emitted by all the electronic and electrical devices that are so much a part of our daily lives. Some of our clients report that a Himalayan hot stone massage increases their cognitive ability and makes them feel more energetic.

How Do Himalayan Salt Crystals Work With Massage Therapy?

The salt crystals are used in conjunction with the therapist’s hands to increase the warmth, and thereby the effectiveness, of the massage technique that’s used. In addition, the trace elements contained in the crystals are absorbed through the client’s skin, so trace elements that have been lost throughout the day are replenished. The crystals are antimicrobial, so they help the body to detoxify, which helps to restore homeostasis to the body. Homeostasis is the condition whereby all systems of the body are in balance and working together in harmony. 

Himalayan crystals promote detoxification of the body. Since massage encourages the function of the lymphatic system, the accumulated toxins that both the salt crystals and the massage have removed will be more efficiently eliminated. This will help reduce your inflammation, alleviate any pain and edema, restore the proper balance of positive and negative ions, and restore trace minerals that have been eliminated. 

Just as the benefits of a therapeutic massage last long beyond the session, the benefits of hot stones last long after the session. Some of our clients report that the benefits of their hot stone therapy lasted for several weeks, so if you want to try a Himalayan salt crystal treatment with your next massage, be sure to call us for an appointment. 

Does A Himalayan Hot Stone Massage Hurt?

Although the term is “hot stone”, the stones aren’t hot. Rather, they’re a few degrees warmer than your body temperature and the additional heat encourages your muscles and tendons to relax. This increases the benefits of the therapeutic massage. It also facilitates the body’s absorption of the trace minerals in the crystals. There should be no pain involved, so if you experience any, be sure to notify your therapist immediately. 

Are There Other Benefits?

In addition to the physical benefits, many of our clients report that they feel more at peace after a Himalayan hot stone massage, which can be attributed to the magnetic properties of the stones themselves. They’ve been used for centuries to help stabilize emotional attachments because they attract positive energies rather than negative ones, so those who use them benefit from the stone’s energetic level. 

Stabilizing your energy level will help you achieve more restful sleep, eliminate insomnia, and yield a deeper sleep that will restore your body. Salt crystals are an exfoliant, so your skin will feel softer and smoother after a hot salt crystal massage. Regular salt crystal massage can help your skin to look younger and more supple and you’ll feel more youthful and energetic.

If You’re Ready To Try a Himalayan Hot Stone Massage…

If you’d like to try one of our Himalayan hot stone massages and experience these benefits, then contact us at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa today, and we’d be happy to schedule a session for you with one of our skilled and dedicated massage therapists.

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