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The Benefits and Uses of Acupressure Therapy

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In ancient Chinese provinces, the concept of a medical doctor was foreign to the people living away from the big cities. Instead, the culture relied on the use of herbs and holistic methodologies for the treatment of medical conditions. Given the size of China’s population, industrialized nations would do well to take note. There’s certainly something to be said for the concept of using treatment options that don’t require harmful prescription medications and intrusive surgical procedures. This is something we preach in our  Winston-Salem acupressure therapy.

Acupuncture or acupressure therapy is one of the oldest holistic treatment methods known to mankind. The methodology dates back as far as 2,500 years. In modern societies, acupuncture is referred to as an “alternative” medical practice. In ancient cultures, it was one of the few options people had for certain ailments.

What is Acupressure?

According to ancient Chinese medicine theory, the body exists because of the constant flow of blood and energy. When an ailment occurs, the energy flow gets interrupted, causing the ailment to become a medical problem. The art of acupressure involves strategic pressure applied to certain areas of the body. These areas are commonly referred to as pressure points. By activating these pressure points, it stimulates the flow of blood and energy and promotes faster healing of the medical conditions in question.

While the list of ailments for which acupressure therapy has proven to be an effective treatment method, the following information addresses the eight most common uses in western civilization. This list is by no means all-inclusive since there are literally hundreds of other ailments and conditions that acupressure therapy treats.

The 8 Most Common Benefits and Uses of Acupressure as a Treatment Method

1. Treating Heartburn and Indigestion

 When the body has issues related to the build up of acids in the stomach, the individual who suffers from this condition is subject to heartburn and indigestion. This happens a lot to women during pregnancy. A hiatal hernia (stomach gets caught above diaphragm) can also cause acid to form in the esophagus. Regular acupuncture therapy has been proven successful in reducing the effects of these conditions.

2. Treating Insomnia

When the body fails to produce an adequate amount of nocturnal melatonin (brain chemical that induces sleep), the individual with said condition has difficulty falling asleep. A properly placed series of acupuncture needles can stimulate the production of this key chemical, causing the individual to fall asleep much easier.

3. Treating Anxiety

There’s a surprisingly high number of people who suffer from mental health conditions like generalized anxiety disorder, anxiety neurosis, and other anxiety/stress conditions. There have been a number of controlled scientific studies done that indicate acupressure has the ability to reduce the stress that often ignites anxiety. These studies also found that when acupuncture is combined with anxiety relief medications, the incidence of anxiety drops. This often leads to patients being able to function with lower doses of medication.

4. Reducing Chronic Body Pain

Trying to sustain a decent quality of life while constantly dealing with chronic pain issues is near impossible. Given the dangers of getting married to dangerous pain medications that are addictive, acupressure offers a wonderful non-intrusive way to treat pain. Studies indicate that acupressure is particularly effective when treating back (spine) pain and pain issues in the knees. While it’s not clear why this treatment method is so effective, it would seem to have something to do with improved blood flow.

5. Treating Arthritis

Tens of millions of people all over the world suffer from some form of arthritis. Severe arthritis in the joints and spine can be very painful and often debilitating. By strategically placing acupuncture needles in what acupuncturists call energy channels, it increases the flow of blood into certain channels, which drastically reduces the pain someone feels in their arthritic joints. As the blood flows into the joints, it serves as a lubricant that provides the individual with pain relief. There are also pressure points where needles can serve to block pain receptors.

6. Treating Migraines

Migraines are intense headaches that can completely shut down the victims ability to function. Though the science is not really clear, studies have shown that facial acupuncture procedures can reduce both the intensity and frequency of migraines. This has proven to be a great benefit for migraine sufferers who eventually have to resort to headache medications for the only source of relief.

7. The Prevention of Nausea and Vomiting

One of the primary causes of nausea and vomiting is issues related to balance and equilibrium. Amazingly, there are pressure points around the wrist areas that when stimulated, can improve one’s balance. One of the most interesting applications of acupuncture in the treatment of nausea relates to nausea caused by anesthesia after surgery. Acupuncture and acupressure therapies have proven to be great ways to speed up the process of regaining all functions after going under the influence of antiemetic drugs.

8. Combating Allergies

Most allergies come through the blood system or respiratory system. Studies indicate that when people use acupuncture for the treatment of allergies and allergic reactions, they show marked improvement. They experience less exposure to allergic reactions and can also benefit from the acupressure reducing the time it takes to treat a reaction. In some cases, the process is effective enough to eliminate the need for antihistamines.

Americans have definitely become too reliant on prescription medications to try to solve all their medical issues. Studies indicate a lot of prescription medicine bring with them side effects that can cause other health issues. What the Chinese have always known is holistic treatment methods like acupressure therapy can be just as effective as medication without the additional risks to the patient’s health.

In our Winston-Salem acupressure treatment facility, we are seeing great results in the treatment of the above conditions as well as a host of medical conditions. The next time you want relief from a troublesome medical issue, you should contact us, or call for an appointment at 336-407-6644.

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