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The Stress-Relieving Benefits of a Stone Facial

Stone facial

Getting a stone facial is one of the most relaxing treats you can give yourself. There are many reasons people seek massage therapy. One good reason: because they simply want to go. You don’t need a specific reason to take a trip to the spa to grab some personal relaxation. Spas are known as places of healing. The therapeutic environment is where you’re able to reconnect and enjoy peaceful moments to yourself. It helps improve your overall well-being and enhances your mood. Whether you need to relieve stress, decrease anxiety, or get help in promoting better sleep, the spa can be a sanctuary and a refuge for you to escape the pressures of life and simply relax. 

It is extremely relaxing

Getting a stone facial massage doesn’t just include your face. A really thorough massage therapist will use hot stones to massage your face, head, scalp and neck. These are the common areas where stress resides in our bodies. A highly trained therapist will know how to massage the right pressure points to relieve stress and increase relaxation. There are pressure points located at the base of our skull, the temple area and the forehead. If a massage therapist is doing their job properly, they hit all of these pressure points to ensure the most effective massage session. Often, they use essential aromatherapy oils to help ignite the senses and create a deeper relaxation.

It relieves muscle tension and pain

Stone facials help to increase the blood flow and relieve muscle tension and pain. It can reduce muscle spasms and help with flexibility. When the muscles are loose, the range of motion also increases. The heat from the hot stone infuses warmth into the muscle tissue and causes them to relax. When they are applied to the key points of our face, it helps to relieve the tension in our face and allows for a deeper relaxed feeling throughout the massage session. Not only are hot stones good at relaxing the muscles in the face, it is also perfect for a decrease of muscle tension throughout the entire body. 

It increases circulation

A facial massage can increase the blood circulation throughout our entire bodies. It helps to reduce puffiness in our face and creates a brighter skin tone for a better appearance. It promotes oxygen flow to the skin which makes us appear younger and more radiant. With the increased circulation, the collagen production also increases. It decreases the formation of wrinkles and lines in our face for a more youthful appearance. A facial is known as the natural facelift. If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, you’ve found it in a stone facial massage.

It helps with our neck and jawline

Because a facial massage helps with circulation and the production of collagen, it also helps to tighten the skin at the neck and jawline area. Having a facial on a regular basis causes the residual effects of tighter and firmer skin. This leads to a more radiant look and helps to minimize wrinkles and lines at the neckline and jawline as well. The therapeutic oils that are used during the stone massage help to infuse moisture into the skin which creates softer, supple and more flexible skin. To maintain the effects of a facial massage, it is recommended that you do it often to ensure a youthful appearance. 

It improves the texture of the skin

The residual effects of a stone facial not only reduce muscle tension in the jawline and face area, they also create supple skin. The facial improves the overall texture of the skin by promoting collagen in the facial area. It promotes blood and lymphatic circulation which increases the supply of nutrients to the skin’s cellular level. Facials also aid in removing dead skin cells which helps to reveal softer younger skin. By stimulating and rejuvenating the cellular activity within the skin, it helps to tighten the face and the underlying muscles and reduces wrinkles and fine Lines. The texture of the skin is definitely benefited by the use of hot stones. 

It helps to relieve headaches

One of the major side effects of stress are headaches. Stress can occur for a number of reasons. Family issues, problems on the job, or just life in general. When you experience a headache, the more popular choice is to treat it with medication for the immediate relief of the pain. Often, medication can have adverse effects. This is where facial massages are beneficial. Not only do they have a positive effect on the body, but they are able to help relieve stress by gently applying pressure to various pressure points throughout the facial area. Regular facial massages can reduce headaches long-term. It helps reduce the severity and the frequency of the headaches. As life continues to go on, there has to be ways to mitigate the stress of everyday life. A facial is a great way to manage the stress in our lives.

Having a facial massage in a relaxing spa is the ultimate way to relax, unwind, and relieve stress. Massage therapy is beneficial for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It is a great way to get the blood flowing throughout our entire bodies and helps in the production of collagen. Facial massages are useful for minimizing and reducing headaches. If you find that you are experiencing stressful situations, a facial massage at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa may be an effective way to manage your stress levels.

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