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7 Myths About Massage Therapy Debunked

Plenty of myths make their way into the consciousness when it comes to massage therapy. From its effectiveness to the safety of getting a massage in the days of COVID-19, a lot of people have different beliefs about what it’s like to get a massage from a massage parlor today. That’s why you’ll learn about some of the myths surrounding massage therapy, as well as the truth behind them.

Myth #1 – Getting a Massage During COVID-19 Is Not Safe

It’s natural to be concerned about your health in this day and age. Many people have concerns about whether it’s safe to do things like go to your favorite restaurant with your partner or to go get a massage from your local parlor.

We’re here to assure you that we at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa are taking the safety concerns of our clients seriously. For one thing, all staff members must wear masks at all times. We require that clients also wear coverings over their faces. Massage therapists sanitize the massage rooms and change the sheets after every appointment. We also stagger appointments and limit capacity at our parlor when needed.

Myth #2 – You Can Only Get Temporary Effects From a Massage

While you could have heard good things about massage therapy, you might also wonder how long the after effects will last. Our massage therapists are trained to “teach” your muscle memory to reduce the stress and pain you feel well after you finish receiving your massage. By getting massages on a regular basis, you’re going a long way towards living a healthy lifestyle. You can also do a lot to heal the stiffness of your joints or your chronic pain.

Myth #3 – You Have to Be Sore After A Massage If It’s Effective

One of the more pernicious myths circulating around massage therapy is that you have to be sore the day after you get a massage from a massage therapist. While some may feel a bit of soreness after they receive a massage, others feel perfectly fine. It’s common to feel a bit of discomfort after you receive certain services like a deep tissue manipulation. That’s because during these sessions, your muscles are really getting stretched and worked. But not feeling sore after a massage is normal, too.

Myth #4 – You Might Have a Miscarriage After You Get a Massage

Unfortunately, this is one of the massage myths that continues to stick around to this day. That’s because health experts once believed that a massage could actually release certain hormones that could induce an early labor in a pregnant woman. However, experts now have learned that this is not true. Massages can actually help pregnant women in a myriad of ways. For example, they can decrease the aches and pains that a mother-to-be can experience. Massages can also lower stress hormones. As a result, mothers can feel pampered and cared for before they bring a new life into the world.

Myth #5 – You Should Never Interrupt Your Massage Therapist

Some people who are not familiar with the massage process might mistakenly believe this myth. Potential clients who believe this myth might not even visit a parlor to see for themselves what the experience is like. Don’t believe that any pain you experience during a massage is just a sign that pain is leaving your body. This is definitely not true! Pain is actually a sign that something isn’t going as it should. If you’re feeling uncomfortable during a massage, let your massage therapist know right away. Your massage therapist wants you to have a good experience. They will change their technique if you’re dealing with the slightest pain or discomfort.

Myth #6 – All Massages Are Exactly the Same

Every massage has a purpose. Relaxation massages relax both your mind and body. They also work on many of your biggest problem areas. For example, you might come into Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa because you’re experiencing back pain. Your massage therapist might then tell you that the pain starts in your ankles. Getting massages on a regular basis kicks off the healing process. When you combine regular massages with other medical treatments, you could find that the massages you receive here enhances your health.

Myth #7 – Massage Therapists Only Work On Your Muscles

A massage doesn’t just manipulate your musculature. It can also reduce the swelling in your joints so you can move more freely. Regular massages can help with the circulation of your blood. They move your waste and nutrients so that the healing process starts.

Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa in Winston-Salem is now open by appointment and with limited hours and capacity. Please call to schedule an appointment (336) 407-6644! We’d love to have you visit and experience the many benefits of massage therapy.

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