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What To Consider Before Trying Out an Infrared Sauna

There are times your body wants to relax after a long week. Spending some time in a sauna is a great way to do just that. The 20 minutes heat or sweat session will help improve your overall health and also relieve sole muscles. Sometimes you may not be interested in the high temperatures coming from the traditional sauna because they might be too hot to handle. You should therefore consider the benefits of an infrared sauna.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Unlike a traditional sauna, these infrared saunas do not heat the air around you. Instead, they use the infrared lamps, which use the electromagnetic radiation that warms the body directly.

The sauna can even operate at lower temperatures of between 120 and 140 degrees compared to the traditional sauna that operates between 150 and 180 degrees.

According to most manufacturers, an infrared sauna’s heat will only remit about 20% of the heat to the air while the other 80% is meant to heal your body.

In Winston-Salem, most of these saunas fans argue that the heat generated can deeply penetrate the warmed air. As a result, one can experience a more intense sweat at lower temperatures. The environment around this sauna is tolerable and allows users to stay inside the sauna longer.

Benefits of Using the Infrared Sauna

There are several benefits associated with the use of infrared saunas, and the majority of them are similar to the use of the traditional saunas. They include:

  • Relaxation
  • Better sleep
  • Detoxification
  • Helping people with fatigue syndrome
  • Relief from joint pains
  • Relief from sore muscles
  • Weight loss
  • Clear and tight skin
  • Improved circulation

Most people have used saunas for many decades to help treat themselves. There have been several studies on the traditional saunas. For the infrared saunas, research is ongoing regarding additional benefits. One study found out that most people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and muscle soreness successfully managed them after using the infrared sauna. Other reviews indicate that infrared light saunas have been a proven way to reduce blood pressure. All the studies that have been undertaken regarding the sauna have no adverse reports. Only pregnant mothers, people with heart disease, or the ones taking medication are advised not to use them. 

How to Use an Infrared Sauna

Most people use infrared saunas at the doctor’s office, spa, or a health club. Others have them directly in their homes. It’s essential for those who would like to use the sauna to note that they will not come with any universal instructions.

Facilities have guidelines to follow but how you will choose to use them is up to you. Below are some crucial tips to help you get started

Drink Enough Water: The issue of getting hydrated is essential before you get into the sauna. Make sure to drink a glass of water before you get into the sauna. For those sensitive to higher temperatures, make sure to have the water in the sauna.

Choose the Temperatures: Sauna’s average temperatures range from 100 and 150 degrees. Beginners are advised to start at the lower end, while more experienced can use the higher end. If you are a first-timer, always start with 100 degrees.

Time: Most of the first-time users start between 10 to 15 minutes. It is crucial to adjust the time appropriately during every session. The saunas are equipped with timers and, therefore, it is recommended that you set it so as not to lose track of time. Staying there for too long will leave you dehydrated.

Clothing: It is upon you to decide whether to wear a bathing suit or go into the sauna naked.

Activities to do in the Sauna: You can listen to music, read, relax, meditate or even visit with friends. Just be sure not to fall asleep, though you might be relaxed enough to do so!

Things to Consider Before Using an Infrared Sauna

There are several considerations to make before your first session.

Do not enter into a Sauna if you have a fever.
Using an infrared sauna can make you sweat a lot. You will feel relaxed when you stand. It is therefore advisable to drink water immediately after your session is over. Then give your body some time to cool down. Sometimes fever can result in a lot of dehydration while in the sauna. During that time, your body is exposed to a lot of heat and, thus, the need to be cautious.

If you have heart issues, high blood pressure, or are under medical care, your doctor should always provide clearance before you begin your sessions. The infrared saunas have been found to be safe, but it is advisable not to take any risk when it comes to matters relating to your safety and health. Always get clearance from your doctor before making a chance to your lifestyle and raise any questions or concerns with your doctor before you experience the benefits of a sauna.

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