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Reduce the Stress of Daily Life with Massage Therapy

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the definition of stress is the reaction of your body to a change that requires you to respond or make an adjustment. Stress can come in a lot of different forms, from a job loss to a move to a breakup of a relationship. We can choose to respond to stressful situations in our lives in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, some choose to respond to stress through problematic coping mechanisms such as binge eating, binge-watching their favorite shows on Netflix, or spending hours playing games on their phone. But even if you choose healthier ways to relieve your stress, these methods may not allow you to relax and forget about your life stressors for a while.

Massage therapy can act as a great way to relieve stress. Whether you deal with anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleeplessness, or muscle pain, or any other physical or mental malady, getting a massage on a regular basis can be a great way to treat these conditions. Not only do regular massages reduce stress, but it can also lower your blood pressure and heart rate, increase the production of endorphins in your body, which helps you to feel good after this bodily process, and releases dopamine and serotonin. When this happens, you feel a lot more relaxed. All of us here in Winston-Salem could use a little more relaxation these days!

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Regular Massages in Winston-Salem

Stress Affects A Lot More Than Your Mind

Stress can actually affect every part of your body. By carrying a lot of stress in the different parts of our bodies, it makes sense that your muscles will start to feel more stiff and painful. By coming into our massage parlor on a regular basis, you can get help with such issues such as sleep difficulties, fatigue, headaches, and stomach issues.

These days, we’re all feeling a little more stressed. Whether it’s dealing with consecutive Zoom calls for work, worrying about what school will look like for your children, or even grappling with a changing social landscape, there’s a lot that we worry about in this day and age. We all need a break from all the worry and stress. Take that break by getting regular massages at our NC massage studio.

When you undergo massage therapy on a regular basis, you can take advantage of a great way to relieve stress. Many other people have already discovered the magic of massage therapy. One study from the American Massage Therapy Association even showed that 1 out of 6 Americans visited a massage therapist in 2006. With studios in North Carolina and around the country reopening, the number of Americans going into parlors for this valuable service will only go up.

Lift Your Mood With Massages

If you’re human, you probably have experienced a wide range of moods in the past few months. With what’s happening in the world right now, we’re all looking for ways to reduce stress. If you’re currently dealing with anxiety or depression or are just looking for a way to relax and rest, getting massages can be one of the very best ways to relax and either reduce or even eliminate your daily stress altogether.

Don’t think that you can take time out of your busy schedule to visit our studio? You can’t afford not to take the time to visit us. Studies have even shown that just one session can result in a lower heart rate, as well as reduced cortisol and insulin levels. Plus, you’ll feel a lot better after your first session. Who doesn’t need that right now?

Getting Massages Can Help With Your Chronic Illness

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that over 6 in 10 Americans have a chronic illness. Studies show that getting regular massages can help you deal with the pain of your chronic ailment.

Some chronic illnesses that can be treated with massages include some of the following conditions:

  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Joint pain
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Sports injuries

You can combine massages with regular treatment from your physician. The combination of these two treatment modalities can create healing that can help you live your very best life.

Need to relieve a lot of stress in your life? Don’t we all! Why not schedule an appointment with our staff at our Winston-Salem studio? If you do, you won’t regret it. We are now open by appointment and with limited hours and capacity. Please call to schedule an appointment (336) 407-6644.

By scheduling some time with our staff, you’re being proactive in taking care of yourself so that you can care for your loved ones. Come in and let us take care of you so that you in turn can bring joy to those that you love the most.

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