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Six Reasons You Should Experience a Chair Massage

chair massage

One easy and pleasurable way to improve your physical health and the way you feel is to have a massage from time to time. Having a chair massage helps release aches and pains and increase your feelings of happiness.

Not everyone wants to have a full body massage lying on a table, however. For those people who want the benefits of massage therapy without the hassle of getting undressed, try and experience our chair massage.

What are Some of the Benefits of Massage?

An excellent spa offers therapeutic massage in various forms to suit their clients’ needs. You can use chair massage as a part of:

  • Sports therapy, to enhance or recover from your workout.
  • Pregnancy. Lying down remains difficult for many pregnant women. Seated massage can help you get the benefits of massage therapy without lying face down on a table.
  • Trigger point therapy. Trigger points get massaged at specific locations on your body to focus on the body’s nerves. Massaging these areas keeps nerves working optimally.

Massage therapy uses the therapist’s hands on the body to ease their pain and relieve their mental stresses. Some of the primary benefits of massage include:

  • Stimulating the body to secrete hormones that heal.
  • Encouraging mental well-being by relaxing the person’s tendons and muscles.
  • Reducing or eliminating stress and its side effects.
  • Increasing a person’s blood flow to improve circulation and improve your mental health.

Some of the ways a chair massage in a spa can improve your health include:

  1. Reduces Stress

Stress has become a common problem for everyone’s mental and physical health. People who have high anxiety levels produce a significant level of chemical cortisol in their bodies that increases their ability to feel stress. When you have a massage, your body’s cortisol levels become lower. Lower cortisol levels enable your body to feel calmer. Your mind and body become less anxious.

  1. Lifts Your Mood

Because of increased blood circulation due to massage, you’ll feel an uplifted mood when you have a massage. Also, massages increase the production of specific hormones that are healing, both physically and emotionally. The rising of your spirit can last for several days after the massage occurs.

  1. Reduces Tension and Anger

If you have tension due to anger issues, your brain’s chemistry becomes affected. Sometimes these feelings even express themselves through physical actions. Before your feelings of tension and anger get the best of you, try getting a massage. The massage relaxes your body and mind, and you may also become able to think more clearly.

  1. Creates a Balance in Your Life

Humans everywhere have longed for a way to find a balance between their minds and their bodies. Massages remain one relaxing way to connect your mind and body to form a peaceful, happy place for you to exist in harmony.

  1. Stimulates Digestion

Many people have found that routinely having a massage increases their ability to digest their food and help them with gastric issues. The increased circulation provided by a good massage gets your blood flowing and intestinal juices going to improve your digestion.

  1. Creates a Situation for Restful Sleep

When your body becomes relaxed, you remain more able to go to sleep faster and sleep more restfully. Many clients report that they get a full night’s restful sleep after having a massage. Incidences of insomnia and sleep disturbances become reduced, possibly due to a reduction in pain levels. Also, the brain continues to release natural healing chemicals after an appointment that can help you sleep more restfully.

What Happens During a Chair Massage?

During the 1980s, massage practitioners used seated massage to relieve stress for busy people at work, in the mall, and elsewhere. These massages are performed while the client remains fully clothed, and might feel effective in as little as 15 minutes.

During a chair massage, your therapist focuses on your hands, arms, neck, shoulders, and back. No massage oil gets used during the process. You’ll be seated in a specially designed chair with a downward angle that has a cradle for your face and head. The massage area also includes armrests to keep you comfortable and relaxed during the process.

Your massage therapist uses kneading motions and acupressure to relax the muscles in your upper body. Many massage professionals consider chair massages to be as effective as other massage techniques. The positive benefits of chair massages get felt immediately and for some time after the session, too.

To receive the healthful benefits from a chair therapeutic massage, please contact us today. We offer a wide range of therapeutic technique options, including chair therapeutic massage, to help you feel great as well as live life to the fullest.

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