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Detox Your Body with Massage Therapy

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The body is an amazing machine. Many people don’t realize that given the right care. The body is capable of preventing and curing a whole basket full of common medical issues. Unfortunately, we don’t always treat our bodies the way we should. We don’t eat right and far too many of us don’t get the right amount of exercise. The cost of not doing the right thing causes us to move through our daily lives feeling a bit more sluggish and fatigued than we should. That’s why we should Detox with massage therapy.

In the world of holistic healing. There are a number of ways we can combat the medicals issues that occur because of our poor health choices. One of the primary options is to detox with massage therapy. Yes, most people think of massage as a way to relax. What they don’t realize is that a complete massage treatment process has the potential of preventing and curing health issues that drag us down.

Massage Therapy as a Holistic Therapy Option

For generations, using massage for therapeutic reasons was kind of a fringe concept along the lines of acupuncture or music therapy. All of these options can be filed under the heading of holistic treatment options. Holistic “medicine” refers to nonmedical processes that address an individual’s overall well being from a mental or physical health perspective.

The concept behind massage as a healing or preventative option begins with the fact toxins develop in the cells and between the muscles in the human body. These toxins come from what we eat, drink and even the air we breathe. If we ignore the effects of these toxins, we are inviting medical issues into the body.

During a massage therapy treatment session. The professional masseuse has the ability to force these toxins into the circulatory system to be discharged from the body during urination. This process is set in motion as the masseuse squeezes and moves the muscles around. The pressure on the muscles is what releases the toxins found in cells. By the way, this same massage process can be applied to certain organs in the body.

The lymphatic system works with your cardiovascular circulatory system to help flush toxins out of the body. By eliminating unwanted toxins. The immune system can turn its focus toward the viruses and bacteria that can cause serious health issues in the human body. This is exactly why detox massage is moving from being a fringe holistic treatment option to becoming a mainstream process. As a result, many insurance companies are now offering some level of cost coverage under the guise of preventive medicine.

The Benefits of Detox Massage

In order to convince non-believers that a good massage has health benefits. It makes sense that we would want to openly discuss those potential benefits. We feel this is an important discussion as we see people all over the world struggling with health issues. That is preventable through holistic treatment. With that in mind, we would like to lay out what we feel are the four most important benefits of massage therapy and to get detox.

1. Reduces Stress

While stress is a mental concept. The effects are felt in the body. Stress has the ability to cause muscle tension, headaches and heart problems. Anyone who has ever had a really good professional massage knows all too well how relaxed they feel afterward. The muscle tension is gone and barring undue stress during the remainder of the day. The individual should notice a positive difference in the way they feel. We can also see the noticeable effects as the individual’s blood pressure continues to get better over time.

2. Improves Circulation

The circulatory system is where our immunity lies. A good massage does two things for the circulatory system. It releases toxins into the system for discharge. It also moves the muscles around, which squishes fat cells. When veins and arteries aren’t being encumbered by fat. There’s better circulation in the body. That translates to both the heart and immune system working more efficiently. By the way, improved circulation also decreases blood pressure.

3. Improving Posture and Eliminating Back Pain

The number of people across the world who suffer from chronic back pain is alarming. Many back pain issues are created by the spine falling out of proper alignment. The good news is a good massage session on a regular basis can help to improve one’s posture. As their posture improves, it allows the body to realign back to where it is supposed to be on a normal basis. Over the long haul, a well aligned body is going to function at a much healthier level. Presto. No more back, and even joint pain, caused by structural issues.

4. Strengths of the Immune System

We have already discussed how lack of exercise, stress and bad eating habits can affect one’s health. A detox massage will act to eliminate all the bad toxins that reside in the body. That enables the circulatory system to discharge the bad stuff and improve the flow of blood. There’s another facet of all this that strengthens the immune system. As circulation improves, it increases the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity, which translates into a blood system. That has a higher capacity to fight off the aforementioned bacteria and viruses.

We live in a time where we need to take better care of ourselves. Our over reliance on prescription medications and surgical procedures has reached a point where there are more risks than rewards. That’s exactly why we feel it’s time for Americans to try another approach, like to get detox with massage therapy. At Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, we offer a wide range of holistic therapy options, namely massage and acupuncture therapy. Which is something you might want to consider. Maybe it’s time for you to contact us or give us a call for an appointment at 336-407-6644. We’ll put you in good hands to experience better overall health and a brighter future.

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