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Experience Nirvana With a Himalayan Hot Stone Massage

A young lady having a himalayan hot stone massage

There is hot stone massage and then there is Himalayan hot stone massage. While the former is undeniably relaxing, the latter takes your massage treatment benefits to the next level.

This is because Himalayan stones themselves are special. They bring special detoxifying and toning properties to the table that ordinary stones do not. Since this is a less well-known massage treatment, many massage centers and spas do not yet offer it.

But you are lucky, because you can receive a Himalayan hot stone massage in Winston-Salem! Here at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, we have brought the therapeutic salt stones of the Himalayas to you.

In this post, learn what makes Himalayan hot stone massage utterly unique and worth experiencing.

Himalayan Salt Stones Replenish Your Body’s Health

The Himalayan hot stone massage is a particularly vital treatment in a time when even the soils we grow our food in are being continually depleted, re-planted season after season without any time to replenish themselves.

Extensive research has shown that this endless re-planting then depletes the mineral and nutrient content in our foods across the spectrum from produce to animal sources. This, unfortunately, holds true regardless of whether you are purchasing conventionally-sourced or organic foods.

When we are in a position where our only choice is to consume less nourishing foods because that is all we have available to us, our bodies eventually run low on their storehouse of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

So then we have to get creative and find other ways to get these trace minerals so we can stay healthy.

A Himalayan hot stone massage in Winston-Salem represents one innovative way that can provide you with a ready supply of nourishing, immune system-enhancing trace minerals that your body really needs – and it feels great too!

What Are Himalayan Hot Stones?

Also called Himalayan salt stones, these stones are sourced from the oldest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas.

These stones are some of the richest stones in the world in terms of their mineral content. Himalayan salt stones contain no less than 84 different mineral salts, each of which provides essential trace minerals to the human body.

When heated, the osmotic (through the skin) transfer of minerals from the stones to your body is enhanced. When chilled, the stones transmit their healing salts as a potent anti-inflammatory to ease symptoms of injury and illness.

Being able to use these special Himalayan salt stones to help your body absorb what it needs of their minerals and nutrients through the skin maximizes the transfer during your session. After all, the largest organ in the human body is, in fact, the skin!

If you prefer not to use heat, you will be happy to know the stones can be used either warmed or cooled and they still deliver potent health and nourishment benefits. They can also be used at room temperature for a relaxing and restorative massage experience.

How Do the Himalayan Mineral Salts Help Your Body?

The 84 trace mineral salts and nutrients contained in the Himalayan salt stones can help your body in a number of important ways.

The salts will naturally trigger a detoxifying process, energizing and alkalizing your body’s immune system to get back to work moving toxic elements out of your system.

If you are experiencing pain from inflammation, using heated or chilled stones can ease this pain and replenish the damaged tissues while infusing them with essential nutrients.

Some of the minerals, such as magnesium, have a known research-based relaxing effect on stressed muscles, ligaments and tendons.

And if you have been trying everything to help your skin stay youthful and glowing, you will be delighted to know that the mineral salts in the stones will attract water to the skin’s surface, giving your skin a healthy, youthful glow and a smooth, even skin tone.

How Are Himalayan Hot Stones Used During a Massage Treatment?

One of the many best properties of Himalayan hot stones that sets them apart from other types of heated massage stones is that they retain heat especially well.

This means that the stones can be pre-heated for a very brief period of time (one minute or less) just prior to your scheduled massage treatment session and then they will retain that stored heat for a full 60 minutes!

This neatly eliminates one of the known downsides of other types of hot stone massages – that awful clunking and clattering sound of stones being lifted out of the heater and placed back down on the cooling tray before and after use.

Himalayan hot stones are silent healers. Whether heated, room temperature or cooled, they will not disturb the ambiance and peace you tap into during your massage treatment.

The precise placement of the stones during your treatment will depend on what type of massage you have chosen. Here at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, you have two options: a stone facial massage or a full-body hot stone massage.

During a stone facial massage, the heated, room temperature or chilled stones will be placed along energy meridians on your face and sometimes also along your upper torso.

During a full-body Himalayan hot stone massage, the stones will be placed along at key points (such as along your spinal column) to help balance and detoxify your central nervous system and your peripheral nervous system.

Visit Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa to Book Your Himalayan Hot Stone Massage

Here at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, we have created a peaceful, tranquil and soothing sanctuary that makes it easy to carve out some “you time.”

We invite you to visit us, enjoy our special discounts for first-timers, students and seniors, enjoy single and couples massage treatments and take a little retreat away from it all. You can also purchase a massage as a gift for someone special in your life.

Book your Himalayan hot stone massage in Winston-Salem today!

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