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Unique Massage Therapy Options You Might Not Know About

A woman laying on a bed and having a Himalayan hot stone massage

Most people know what massage therapy is and are familiar with some of the more popular and well-known techniques, such as Swedish and deep tissue massage. What might surprise you is how many other types there are and the benefits a massage therapy session can provide for your overall health & wellness , from our Unique Massage Therapy

Here are a few of the more unique options you can often find at a full-service spa:

  • Himalayan Hot Stone Treatment – Heated or cold polished genuine Himalayan salt stones are rolled over your body to manipulate muscles to a greater intensity than a standard massage. This type of massage can provide a deep relaxation experience. It permits an intensity like a deep tissue massage without the extra pressure that is too uncomfortable for some to tolerate.

Unique Massage Therapy Options You Might Not Know About

  • Reflexology Massage – Rather than a whole-body massage, this technique applies pressure to reflex zones in the hands, feet, and ears. This method stimulates the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. The reflex zones stimulate body organs, so this type of therapy can be used for targeted relief and benefits.
  • Himalayan Salt Foot Soak – While not technically massage therapy, it goes well with a massage experience to balance electrolytes within the body and provide a relaxing and invigorating experience.
  • Scalp Massage – If you are experiencing tension but aren’t comfortable with a full-body massage, a head massage is the ideal solution. Tension can be felt within the head, so a scalp massage is perfect as a stress reducer.
  • Vichy Shower – Also known as a table shower, this provides a gentle massage that stimulates skin circulation and enhances deep relaxation. It is ideal to perform this before another massage therapy technique that benefits from going in with relaxed muscles.

You can call us at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa to book an appointment for any of these types of massage therapy, as well as other services designed to maintain and improve overall health & wellness from our unique Massage Therapy. We are happy to discuss the options available so that you can choose those that fit your needs the best. Call today to learn more.

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