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Stretch Massage: What Is It and When to Use It

Do you feel stiff and sore? Maybe your muscles are in knots, or your back is aching. Whatever the case may be, there is something that can help: stretch massage. Stretch massage includes techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point release, myofascial release and more to relieve tension from the body. This blog post will provide information on what stretch massage is and when it should be used!

When You Should Seek Stretch Massage

Are your shoulders or neck tight after sitting at your desk for hours every day? Do you have overly tight hamstrings that make it difficult to bend down and tie your shoes? Perhaps you are still nursing an old injury, like an ankle sprain, which makes it difficult to walk a long distance without pain. If your body feels stiff and tight or you have a stubborn injury that is impacting your day-to-day life, you may be a great candidate for stretch massage.

Stretch massage alleviates strain on your joints and muscles from everyday activities, such as sitting in front of a computer or running around after the kids. It also helps to decrease pain and speed your recovery. Here are just some of the benefits:

Enhanced Flexibility

Stretch massage works by lengthening your muscles, which allows you to move more easily. It also increases the range of motion in joints that are often locked or stiffened up.

Stretch massage is particularly beneficial for people who spend a lot of time working on computers because it helps counteract all that forward bending and slouching in our daily lives. The shoulder girdle supports much of the body’s weight when we stand upright, so if this area becomes short or tight from an injury or poor posture over time, other areas must compensate. This may lead to back pain, neck strain, headaches, numbness in arms & hands, etc. Stretch massage releases tension and is particularly useful for flexibility.

Improved Posture

The same muscles that are chronically tight can also cause you to lose your natural posture. By stretching the shortened muscle fibers, stretch massage helps restore balance and alignment in the body.

People who spend a lot of time hunched over their smartphones or tablets may find themselves with rounded shoulders and forward neck carriage (a kyphotic curve). This type of postural distortion can put you at risk for chronic pain conditions like thoracic outlet syndrome, tendonitis on the anterior aspect of shoulder joint, rotator cuff impingement etc. Stretch massage is effective in restoring proper spinal positioning after injury or prolonged poor sitting/standing habits.

Increased Range of Motion

Tight muscles do not allow the joints they surround to move properly. They may also create more force on a joint than it can handle, leading to injury or irritation of tendons and ligaments that support your joints.

Many people experience stiffness in their shoulders, hips or knees after spending hours at work hunched over a computer screen. This is often caused by tightened pectoralis minor muscle which are located under the collarbone near shoulder blade attaches to ribs & sternum. Stretch massage lengthens these tight tissues allowing for improved range of motion and less pain during movement!

If you’re suffering from any aches and pains throughout your body (especially those that come with sitting at a desk all day), then stretch massage can likely help!

Better Circulation

Stretch massage increases circulation throughout the body with gentle elongating force on muscles & connective tissues along with improving lymphatic drainage through manual techniques so you shouldn’t feel any discomfort during treatment session!

Book a Stretch Massage with Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa

Stretch massage is a beneficial and effective way to increase blood flow throughout your body, which can help you feel better from head-to-toe. You can schedule an appointment directly on our website or call us at (336) 407-6644.

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