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Foot Scrub Benefits: Relief, Relaxation and Rejuvenation

It is no secret that a foot scrub can be an amazing way to relieve stress and rejuvenate your feet. However, there are many other benefits of getting a foot scrub that you may not have realized before. In this blog post, we will explore the top 6 benefits of receiving a foot scrub from us at Lotus 5 Senses Spa!

What is a Foot Scrub?

A foot scrub is a treatment in which the feet are exfoliated with soap and rocks. The purpose of this process is to remove dead skin cells, reduce calluses, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension from standing or walking all day long, and soothe tired muscles.

Dry Foot Scrub

A foot scrub can be either considered “wet” or “dry.” In a dry foot scrub, the massage therapist will rub the sugar or pumice scrub into the feet of their client while doing a foot massage right on the massage table. Then hot towels are wrapped around the client’s feet. This not only feels good for the client, but it also helps remove the scrub from the feet. A rich moisturizer is then applied to the feet and the massage continues as usual.

Wet Foot Scrub

During a wet foot scrub, clients are taken out of the massage treatment room into a room where there is a warm foot bath or a Vichy shower. After applying the scrub to the client’s feet, they put the feet into the foot bath, or in the case of a Vichy shower, use one of the shower heads to wash off the feet. Once back in the massage treatment room, a moisturizer is then applied to the feet and the massage continues as usual.

Benefits of Foot Scrub

There are many benefits of receiving a foot scrub that we will explore.

Built-in Massage

One of the main benefits of receiving a foot scrub is the built-in massage. The process of having your feet scrubbed with a special concoction of moisturizing oils and exfoliants offers its own kind of massage with helps to relieve stress and relax sore and tired feet and muscles.


Foot scrubs provide relief in a variety of ways. The scrubbing action of the foot scrub is soothing to tired and sore muscles. The exfoliation elements also slough off dry skin that can be itchy and irritating or may just look dull and have you not wanting to show off your feet in sandals.


The scrub itself removes dead skin cells from your feet which can cause your feet to appear dull. Exfoliation also improves the appearance of your feet by sloughing away calluses that can build up on the balls and heels. It can also help reduce dryness or other foot problems such as athlete’s foot. Now that it’s almost summer, it’s the perfect time to receive a foot scrub!


Sit back and relax while your feet are scrubbed. The experience is similar to a full-body massage and can actually help release tension in more areas than just your feet. This is an excellent service if you’re on your feet all day, allowing you to sit and relax while we massage and exfoliate your worries away!

Increased Blood Circulation

A foot scrub will help increase blood circulation to your feet and stimulate the flow of oxygen, which will minimize swelling, inflammation, and pain. A foot scrub can also help reduce pain in more sensitive areas of your body.


The process is very relaxing and feels like a mini-vacation, especially for those who are used to standing or walking all day. The foot scrub leaves you feeling rejuvenated because the process of exfoliation and moisturizing will remove dead skin cells from your feet as well as any other dirt or oils that may have built up on them over time so they look and feel healthy again.

Increased Energy Levels and Mood

Did you know? One of the surprising benefits of a foot scrub is you might notice an increase in energy levels and an improved mood. When the circulation is stimulated to our feet, it releases endorphins which will make us feel great!

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