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10 Health and Beauty Benefits of a Spa Facial

A spa facial is a great way to relax and take care of your skin. It can do so much more than just make you feel pampered and beautiful! Here are 10 wonderful benefits of getting a spa facial:

Spa facials promote healthy, glowing skin

A facial will help to nourish and hydrate the skin, which keeps it looking refreshed and young. This will remove dead cells that damage your skin and prevent new ones from growing. This can help reduce acne or other blemishes on the face as well as wrinkles!

Remove dead skin cells for a clearer complexion

The steam and rejuvenating ingredients of a spa facial will remove dead skin cells on the face, leaving it looking clearer and younger. The steam opens up your pores so that you can get rid of all dirt and impurities from deep inside the pore as well as any blackheads or other blemishes.

Provide relief from acne and breakouts

The steam from a facial can help loosen oils and dirt in the pores, which will remove bacteria and prevent acne breakouts. The treatments used during your spa facial will also include ingredients for combating acne, such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil. These ingredients are natural disinfectants that go deep into the pore to kill any existing bacteria.

Moisturize dry skin

The steam and cleansing creams used during a spa facial will help to remove dead cells from dry skin. This can prevent flakiness as well as tighten up the pores, which makes your makeup look smoother and cleaner when you leave! The moisturizing products that are applied to your face at the end of your facial treatment will also help to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Help relieve stress

Studies have shown that a facial can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress. This will allow you to relax as your pores are opened up for deep cleansing, allowing dirt and impurities out of the skin with steam or oils from warm towels.

The spa experience is also very calming with its peaceful decor and music! Some spas, like Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, offer aromatherapy facials to elevate the stress-relieving benefits of the facial.

Create an all-natural glow

A spa facial will leave you with an all-natural glow. The treatments applied to your skin are completely free of harsh chemicals and other toxic ingredients, so they won’t irritate the skin or cause any breakouts! You’ll leave feeling relaxed as well as having healthier-looking skin.

Reduce hyper-pigmentation

The spa facial will help to remove dead skin cells and clean the pores, which reduces hyper-pigmentation. You may also receive a treatment with ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acid or glycolic acid to gently exfoliate your face for an even better result!

Revitalize aging skin

As skin ages, it loses its natural elasticity and starts to sag. This causes wrinkles or fine lines around the eyes, mouth, or cheeks. A spa facial can help to tighten up your pores and bring back that youthful look by removing dead cells from the top layers of the epidermis!

Improve blood circulation

A facial will help improve blood circulation, which gives your skin a healthy appearance. It also helps with the removal of toxins from the body through the pores!

Stimulate collagen production

A spa facial will stimulate collagen production in the skin, which helps to keep it looking firm and supple. This process is essential for fighting off acne or other blemishes that can lead to scarring!

Book a facial at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa

At Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, we offer a wide range of services including facials. We can help you to rejuvenate your skin and make it look healthier with our luxurious spa facial treatments! Contact us at (336) 407-6644 for more information or book a facial online.

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