Couple’s Massage

Looking For A Date Night Idea? Try A Couple’s Massage In Winston-Salem! Today’s culture is a busy one. A lot is expected of us every day. With school, work, community, family, and self-care needs that we are expected to attend to every day, it seems like we barely have enough time to take a shower […]

Float Tank

Embrace the relaxing power of water in our float tank! Whether you are taking turns with your significant other or pampering yourself, our float tank is an ideal way to loosen up and rest your body. How many times have you floated on your back at the pool or a beach and found it so […]

Himalayan Salt Cave with Infrared Sauna

Looking to reconnect as a couple? Take your couples massage to the next level with our Himalayan Salt Cave with Infrared Sauna! We not only offer relaxing couple’s massages at Qi Massage but a multitude of add-ons that really enhance the experience for you and your significant other. One such addition is enjoying your message […]

Vichy Shower

Enjoy the ultimate bonding experience as a couple by utilizing our Vichy Shower!  Water is known for its soothing properties. Both the sound and feel of water provide a calming effect. How many times have you stood in the shower and just loved feeling the water cascading down on you? Imagine that but while laying […]

Cupping Therapy

WHAT IS CUPPING? HOW CAN IT HELP YOU? When you get cupping therapy in Winston-Salem, your therapist will place cups on your body and suction your skin and muscle into them. It’s the opposite of a massage: Instead of pushing down on your tissue, you’ll be pulling it up. The benefits of Cupping are related […]

Therapeutic Massage

THE BENEFITS OF A THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE CANNOT BE OVERSTATED BOOK ONE FOR YOURSELF TODAY! While most people recognize that a massage is an amazing experience that imparts relaxation and calmness, others know that a therapeutic massage provides several other benefits that can improve overall health and wellness. Here at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, we offer a […]

Swedish Massage

COME EXPERIENCE THE MANY BENEFITS OF SWEDISH MASSAGE TODAY! There are many different types of massage that are available to you right here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. You might find yourself wondering what type of massage is the right choice for your needs, and here at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa, we are available to […]

Sports Massage

SPEED RECOVERY, DECREASE SORENESS AND AID IN FLEXIBILITY WITH A SPORTS MASSAGE. Are you or someone you know on a sports team? Do you enjoy a particular workout or a little bit of something new every time you go to the gym? Are you an active individual? Are you an athlete? If you answered yes […]

Reflexology with Foot Scrub

EXPERIENCE A NEW KIND OF HEALING WITH (REFLEXOLOGY) FOOT MASSAGE. Reflexology massage is so much more than just giving yourself a little bit of pampering. Massage therapy of all kinds has been shown to have many different benefits for all ages. Here at Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa. We work hard to provide a […]

Pregnancy Massage

IF THE DISCOMFORT OF PREGNANCY HAS YOU DOWN, LET US LIFT YOUR SPIRITS WITH A PREGNANCY MASSAGE. Women have been having babies since the beginning of time– but that doesn’t mean that women have been enjoying pregnancy all the time! While some women enjoy being pregnant, there are many others who suffer from all the […]